.: Setting Status :.

The first title of this text refers to the French who took an artist's name, in his fifties. Joseph Gustave Paul said Maurice Vanneyre have felt themselves to the public under the name Charles Lanert. Vanneyre mean basket in the patois of the Drôme, where he was born in 1902, but this was not the dream would mean that the bearer of this surname. He interprets his name to Van Neyre, in Flemish and Dutch. For him, van give "la" and "neyre" would better "nert". He named Lanert. This gives a family name that also exists in the world. The reasons for the name Charles are unknown at this day. I will return to the meaning of this name change and give my sources below.

The subtitle of this text, Journal I, said that there would normally Journal II, in the coming season. I'll give the new research, publications and promotional activities on this artist and his work, as opportunities.

The story of Charles Lanert goes by that of the author of these lines, Jacques Benoist, born in 1946, because I intend to give this man, his history and his work, within the circles he inhabited, social, religious and artistic, in Paris in the decades sixties and seventies of twentieth century.

Part of his work and his papers were bequeathed to me by him indirectly through an intermediary aged eighty years, who, to this day, in winter 2009, still enjoy a certain discretion. But advertising will be done on this transfer as soon as events require. My print and digital productions allow the curious to discover. Meetings are possible.

Now, it seems necessary to mention the many friends and relations who have encouraged me to give flesh to this project and especially two of them, Dorian Nahoun, born in 1981, and Franck Landais, born in 1966 who pay themselves and put their expertise to this enterprise. Dorian Nahoun has inventoried and photographed two cents about the drawings at issue now and Franck Landais shows the Internet domain dedicated to the artist. I thank these two colleagues. I know Franck Landais since 1995 and Dorian since 2006.

The latter marked his investigation and synthesized by a notice written in August 2008. It allows to identify not only those at issue here, Charles Lanert, but also the one who wrote the report, Dorian Nahoun and is the youngest of our team. I appreciate the relevance of his gaze and his trial.

Jacques Benoist

.: Biography :.

Born on 21 April 1902 to Aiguebelle Grignan near Montjoyer in Drôme, Joseph Paul Gustave Vanneyre, said Charles Lanert, grew up in the shadow of the Abbey of Aiguebelle.

His father is an accountant in the chocolate factory run by the monks. Married in 1929 in the Yvelines Vésinet to Yvonne Bossu, his school, still unknown today, the need to integrate the Army in which he will almost twenty years as a radiologist.

In 1950, began his artistic work in hand in retirement. Joseph Vanneyre take his card to the artist National Union of graphic artists and assumes the pseudonym Charles Lanert. Then he painted very small sizes in oil on pieces wood and canvas into the 60s where he will prefer working with ink on paper. Then comes a long period of cutting / pasting, where the material is simply bent to build colorful representations and systematic. Few wealthy, while he recovers it can paper, cartons, magazine covers and invented its economy work. He will try to make themselves known, but will remain in the shadows.

Lanert product for thirty-five years on several thousand pieces. His drawings suggest the strong influence that his work as a radiologist had on him with many achievements very meticulous and almost microscopic. Lanert is itself in the movement of Abstraction. The issue of spirituality is very present in all his work with dozens of performances, one asking the question of the destiny of man, the other directly "addressed" to God, testimonies of faith and prayer.

Became blind about 1985, it ceases to share and to Marseille where he died in 1995. Described as a "sweet man", despite his suffering, Lanert disappears entrusting his work to a friend.

.: Biography Marks :.

1902 : Born on 21 April 1902 to Montjoyer (Drôme) by Paul Gustave Vanneyre Joseph, son of Eugene Vanneyre, thirty-four years, accountant, domiciled in Aiguebelle, common Montjoyer, and Mary Zielinde Manent Thirty-year-old housewife, residing with him.

1902 : Baptism April 21 1902 by Joseph Vanneyre Henri Paul, the son of Eugene Vanneyre, accounting chocolate Aiguebelle and Mary Zielinde Manent.

1929 : Civil Marriage the October 5, 1929 at Vésinet (Yvelines) with Yvonne Bossu. Religious marriage on October 5, 1929 in the parish of Sainte-Marguerite Vésinet. Bossu Yvonne was born on January 13, 1910 in Paris 10, minor daughter of Gaston Léon Bossu, twenty-five years, editor, and Irma Onderbeke, thirty years old, housewife. She was baptized in Dejuze (Belgium) on February 6, 1911. At that time, Joseph Vanneyre remains at the military hospital in Landau (Germany) and Yvonne Bossu remains Vésinet, No. 23, rue du Marché.

1933 : Marriage Vanneyre/Bossu is dissolved on April 26, 1933 by the court of 1st instance of Casablanca. Bossu Yvonne remarried on August 13, 1938 in Oran.

1933 : Wedding on November 10, 1933 in hawthorn (Jura) with Gabrielle Marguerite Emilienne Ducros. Joseph Vanneyre exercises the profession as an X-ray military at hospital Villemin, Paris 10. His father Eugene says to pensioner Rochemaure (Ardèche). It authorized the Director General Medical Service of Health of the twenty-second section of Nurses in Paris. His witness is Jean-François Vanneyre, sales representative, residing at Lalevade Ardèche (Ardèche). Ducros Gabrielle was born on February 16, 1908 to Courlan (Jura) by Jean-Marie Ducros said Leon, who is twenty-eight years, farmer Courlan, Trefot and Josephine, aged twenty-nine years, a farmer. Gabrielle teaches Ducros, domiciled at Aubépin. His witness is his father.

1950 : By a decree of August 24, 1950, Joseph Paul Gustave Vanneyre is retired after eighteen years of service with the rank of chief warrant officer. It then resides in a retirement home, No. 66, rue des Plantes, Paris 14.

1964 : Died May 24, 1964 at Tournan-en-Brie Gabrielle Ducros, wife Vanneyre. In the days when Joseph, Paul Gustave, Vanneyre said Maurice, said C. Lanert, lives in Tournan-en-Brie, a member under No. 742, as its occupation of painter of the National Union of artists, painters, sculptors, engravers, designers, illustrators, designers and creative professionals, No. 9 rue Berryer, Paris 8.

1977 : It leaves a housing No. 9, avenue Sainte-Foy, Neuilly-sur-Seine (Hauts-de-Seine) and was admitted on March 17, 1977 in a retirement home for elderly Small Sisters of the Poor, No. 71 rue de Picpus, Paris 12.

1977 : Joseph Vanneyre wrote his will on June 14, 1977. He gives his body to the anatomy laboratory of Paris, his money and some current cases to Little Sisters of the Poor. They keep his work so that they enjoy and will bring the rest to X. He must then prevent his nephew, Andrew Ducros, Father Guy de Broglie, and then the father André Bouler and a friend

. 1980 : Charles Lanert recopy extracted religious reflections of the spiritual life, september/december 1980, p. 773-774.

1984-1985 : A letter dated March 11,1984, September 17, 1985 and some other undated witness the donation by Charles Lanert of his drawings and "papers" to a friend X. He counted on that person to mentor and to sell the works and Catholic priests.

1986 : Joseph Vanneyre leaves the house Picpus on November 25, 1986, that of Marseille, No. 640 Avenue de Mazargues, Marseille 13.

1995 : Death in Marseille on August 25, 1995.

2001 : Yvonne Hunchback, his first wife, also died in Marseilles, but on January 11, 2001.

2004 : Bruno Decharme mentions Charles Lanert he has three drawings among painters its collection on its site "abcd Art Brut".

2005-2006 : Jacques Benoist takes ownership of drawings by Joseph Vanneyre / Charles Lanert. Donation letter of December 18, 2006.

Spring 2009 : Opening a website Charles Lanert with texts, images and works.

.: Art Raw :.

The concept of art brut, or art raw in English was invented in 1945 by the french painter Jean Dubuffet. He allegedly used the term during his first trip to Switzerland, this year, with Jean Paulhan, but the first time that phrase appears is in a letter he sent the Swiss painter René Auberjonois, August 28, 1945.

The art is characterized by the frequent use of materials from non-artistic priori. It expresses the spontaneity, has a close relationship with the art of the marginals, the art of "crazy", mediums, and with production of child before learning of the codes of representation.

The art includes productions by non-professional art, free of artistic culture, working outside the aesthetic standards agreed.

The art has its own personal codes and is based on the past of the individual and all that was more or less tragic in his life expressed through art brut.

Dubuffet meant an art spontaneous, unpretentious cultural and intellectual approach, it often will redefine the art, seeking to distinguish it from the folk art, art naïf, drawings of children, creating the "Neuve Invention" in his collection.

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We hope that our work on Charles Lanert contribute to the growth of knowledge in art history, spirituality and society.

Source Wikipédia for the texts about art raw.